Khandelwal Matrimonial FAQs

Q. Why my profile is not approved yet? Its showing Under Screening.

You should provide all the information in your profile, contact information of parents/guardians is a must for verification, a complete profile always gets approved faster. We don't contact or verify incomplete profiles or profiles with fake information. Also, we approve each and every profile after verification, this may take some time. Even if you feel that you have all the information correct and it's not approved yet, please use the contact us page to report or call us on the given numbers.

Q. I have profile with and received interest from other member, how to proceed now?


Q. I have an active profile, how to proceed now?

You can send/receive Express Interest to profiles. This will help you to shortlist profiles for further process. You can also receive Custom Message from other paid members seeking further information or they can share contact numbers to proceed.

Q. Do I need to pay any charges for my profile with

NO, it's not necessary to pay any charges for your profile. You can register your profile for free. You can receive messages from other paid members and you can respond to them accordingly. So, there is no need to pay for this. One of the members should be paid to proceed further.

Q. The member accepted my expression of interest, what to do now?

One of the members should be paid to proceed further. So, you can check their status, if they are free then you have to go for membership if you are keen to contact them.

Q. Can you provide the contact information of the members?

NO, we do not provide any information of any member. You have to follow the online rules of the website to proceed. We have selected this way to safeguard the privacy of our members.

Q. We are not getting responses, what's wrong?

There are different reasons for not getting responses. But, you should complete your profile with all necessary information which helps others to know more about you, respond to requests you receive timely, login to your profile periodically as that helps to list your profile on top. You can send expressions of interest to other members after checking their partner preferences.

Q. Is this site exclusively for Khandelwal Vaishya or profiles other castes also allowed?

There are only Khandelwal Vaishya profiles as per our knowledge and verification method. We are not allowing any other casts right now. If you come across any profile which you find non- Khandelwal vaishya then please report us by filling in their information on Contact Us page.

Q. Why my updated photo is not displaying in the profile/album?

We approve each photo before adding it to your profile so this may take some time. Even if it's not updated please use the contact us page to report.

Q. I want to go for paid membership, what to do?

Please check the Membership page for the different plans based on duration and other additional services of your choice. You can select the Online or Offline mode of payment. In online you can pay through credit card/debit card/bank transfer and in Offline mode, you will be provided with our bank information to drop cheque or NEFT/RTGS. You can also pay using different wallets and UPI. Contact us in case you are facing any issues.

Q. I have deposited cheque in your account but my profile is still showing as free member, why?

Membership paid through online methods gets updated immediately while in case of offline more we approve after receiving payment confirmation from the bank. Also, fill the membership form to provide cheque information so that we can track your payment. Contact us in case you are facing any issues.

Q. I want to know the contact numbers of profiles, how to get it?

We do not provide any information directly to any member whether it's FREE/PAID. You can take additional service of contact number to know the contact information but please note that it also depends on the member's privacy settings. So please check the privacy settings of that member before buying these additional services. Please check the membership page thoroughly before making payment.

Q. I have sent interest/message to the member but he/she is not responding, what to do?

Everybody advised to log in periodically to their profile to check pending requests and respond accordingly. We send them Emails, SMS and WhatsApp message to remind them of any such pending request. Even if you think it's taking too long then please use the contact us page to report.

Q. What I can do as a free member?

A free member can send expressions of interest to the matching profiles. Also, they can receive/reply to messages from other paid members.

Q. I have paid membership but I am not able to see contact numbers, why?

It's mentioned very clear on the membership page that you will not be able to see the contact information of any member. Basic paid membership will allow you to send custom messages to other members. There are different plans based on duration. There is one additional service of Contact Numbers, check its information carefully on the membership page or send us your query using the contact us page.

Q. I am not able to express interest in some of the profiles, why?

You can't send Interest to every member, it depends on the other member's partner preference. So based on the partner preference he/she has provided you will be able to Express Interest. But, we are not matching each and every minor information. Even if you think that they can consider your request then you have to go for Paid membership where you will be able to send the message to request them for consideration.

Q. What are the custom messages? / What I can mention in the custom message?

You can provide your contact information (Phone Numbers, Mobile Numbers, or Email ID), you can ask for any further details on your email ID or phone. We do not reply to any message our self but we keep eye on every message for any misuse of our system.

Q. Do you have offices or representatives in other cities of India?

No. We do not have any branches or representatives outside of our main office in Udaipur (Rajasthan). We are currently providing these services through our website only, no personal guidance or a representative appointed by us.

Q. How we can pay for the paid membership with

We accept payment through our website only. There is an online payment option available that accepts all major cards, net banking and other popular payment methods wallet/UPI. If you can not pay online then you can select another method after placing your order. Contact us in case of any questions. DO NOT DEPOSIT if anybody gives you any other bank details.

In case of any further question or query please do write us at